Framing a Face
By Elizabeth Bilow

Eyebrows frame our face as well as create different expressions which tell a lot about us. There are three main things to consider to achieve the perfect brow. Balance, overall shape and color.

The best way to make sure your brows have balance and symmetry is to take a pencil or makeup brush and line it up from the corner of your nose straight up to the corner of your eye. This is where your brow should start. The arch should be just above the outer end of your iris(colored part of your eye). It should taper off and end at the point where the pencil aligns from the corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye.

Even with this knowledge, I highly recommend going to a professional to have them correctly shaped. It is best to fully let them grow in before your appointment. After your professional shaping, you can easily maintain the shape with tweezing individual hairs as they grow in

You can use pencils, powder or gel to fill in your brows. Of course there are different types even within these categories. Pencils that are soft give a heavier more dramatic look. The self sharpening ones tend to be slightly harder and produce a more natural hair like fill. Using an angled makeup brush with brow powder or eyeshadow will give you good control and a softer look. Gels coat the hair keeping them in place and can be used alone or over brow powder to seal in the color.

Whichever product you choose, always use short strokes, never using the pencil or brush to draw a long line.A brow spoolie(or clean mascara wand) is a must. Always brush it through the brow after you apply the color. This creates more of the fine look of brow hairs. Also, in a pinch a light hairspray misted on and combed into the brows will work to hold them in place as well.

The right color for your brows will not necessarily match your haircolor exactly. For instance if you are blonde and tan, a matching blonde brow color will not give you the definition you need. You should use a light taupe shade. Redheads must be careful to find a complimentary reddish brown shade so it does not look clownish. Brunettes generally will want to go a shade slightly lighter than their haircolor to keep it from looking too harsh.

Over the years there have been many different styles of brows that were fashionable for the time. It seems we are consistently seeing more of classic brow that enhances your features rather than makes a fashion statement. Sort of like what good everyday makeup should do.


Photo by Dawn Penich | Style by Jaclynn Judd from Zano Salons | Model Jackie Blankenship