Sole Mates
John Fluevog Shoes

New collection for February 2006

Canadian shoe designer John Fluevog announces the launch of his new “SoleMates Wedding Programme” at John Fluevog Shoes. “With so many of the Head Office staff getting married this year, and asking for wedding colored shoes, I figured we might as well offer it to all Fluevogers” said John.

The Fluevog Team selected a number of their most popular styles and tried them in traditional wedding colors. From there, using several algorithms and taste tests, they went through the painstaking process of choosing the best of the best. At the finish line they ended up selecting the following lines for the SoleMates Programme: The Katrin, The Lover, The Laurelei, The Lily Darling, The Cecily, The Sandra and The Men’s Sigurd.

The Katrin
Built on the popular Fellowship Hi 3" resin heel, The Katrin is a glamorous mid-calf boot made with soft aniline leathers and featuring 16-hole laces and an inside zip to allow for a custom fit. Perfect for hugging perverted Uncle Bobby, during the receiving line. The Wedding Katrins retail for US $295/CAN $375.

The Laureleli
is for the fun, detailed bride. The ankle-straped, open toed Laurelei also sits on the comfortable yet elegant Fellowship Hi heel. The Wedding Laureleis retail for US $199/CAN $249.

The Sigurd
is a slender cut mod-style shoe that’s perfect for givin’ vows and givin’ it on the dance floor. Full leather uppers with cut-out diamond details rock the feet like never before, and the leather linings and foot sock make them breathe when you're getting hot. The Wedding Sigurds retail for US $205/CAN $259.

The Cecilys
feature (optional) contrasting leather scalloped trim details and uppers in the classic natural toe shape of the Fellowships. Like all the Fellowships, the Cecilys have the 3 inch flared resin heel and rubber soles for cutting the cake in style. The Wedding Cecilys retail for US $199/CAN $259.

The Sandra
This cute and sleek maryjane style is a Fellowship Soul that wants to be worn when you tie the knot with your fellow. With the heel F detail and gunmetal buckle ankle strap these beauties will have you skipping down the aisle. The Wedding Sandras retail for US $199/CAN $259.

The Lover
(an obvious choice for the programme) is an everyday favourite for those women who want a little spice in their life. Leather uppers and leather linings with cute piping details on a stable hourglass heel make these stand out from the crowd while the uppers remain comfortable for wear. The bottoms are outfitted with a rubber F-Sole with blue "F" and JF logo details for traction, durability and comfort. The Wedding Lovers retail for US $249/CAN $329.

The Lily Darlings
pumps are fun and a little bit frivolous and are built on the popular Mini heel. These solid two and half inch heels with matching leather uppers are on a durable and stable rubber F-sole which adds a half inch to your height and a mountain to your bridal confidence. The Wedding Lily Darlings retail for US $249/CAN $329.

John Fluevog is an independent designer and retailer of forward-thinking footwear. Since 1970 he has been steadfast in creating unique soles for unique souls that have been seen everywhere from the feet of Madonna and the Scissor Sisters to the runways of high fashion.