Dolce & Gabbana Man for Spring/Summer 2006

The Dolce & Gabbana man for S/S 2006 dreams of a positive, wonderful life: his models are the new and young protagonists of the musical scene in London, or of the Hollywood sets, like the Baby Shambles, Jude Law, Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell - icons that, apart from the success they have on the set, live a playful and rich life where love, family and beauty play an integral role.
The fashion show is organized around three main themes.
In the first, the new suits are presented in an exquisite and romantic way: coated linen and coated wool are used to create shiny jackets and trousers, with tailor-made details and perfect proportions. They are worn with a t-shirt (often ripped, or with advertising campaigns of the Seventies) or with sheer shirts.
The palette of colours gravitates to dark tones; white spots embellish the black shirts, and a thin pinstripe tie completes the "tailored" look.
Classic tailor-made suits, t-shirts, sneakers (more than 45 different styles of sneakers) compose “the” look for the day, which can be played around with according to occasion and personal taste; refined belts in crocodile, lizard or python add a statement of luxury to this revitalized and energetic formal wear.
“Personality” is an important aspect of this brand new collection, that in this second section presents an incredible mix of styles: jeans, either very slim and decorated with metal studs or more baggy, are worn with tank tops, t-shirts, slim coated sweaters; this “paparazzi-preventive” look is completed by worn-out leather accessories, big sunglasses and baseball caps.
The Dolce & Gabbana man, in fact, knows the art of looking very casual, though without overlooking details: zippers are sewn in twisted ways, are doubled or are strategically positioned. Belts are left open on low-waist jeans for a new trend of the season. Military pants and thin, coated shirts are worn with masculine accessories, like rings, chokers or refined watches, for an expression of freedom which is totally personal and always sophisticated, stylish and modern.
A new and clever trouser style is not to be missed. With a denim jean waist, this jogging pant is constructed of a soft and comfortable fabric - giving the casual illusion of a pair of athletic pants being worn over jeans. The jeans are marked with numbers, on the inside, to determine the crotch.
Jackets are constructed of a very light velvet, and fall perfectly on the body, underlining the shapes without ever forcing them.
The final part of the collection is dedicated to the superstars of the red carpet: all-white and all-black tuxedos are alternated with silver and gold ones.
The stage itself is hyper luxury, with a mirrored catwalk, leather floor and black Murano chandeliers.
Once again, the Dolce & Gabbana man confirms his self-confident, positive and ironic attitude to life and fashion, breaking new grounds of style, trend and refinement.



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