Fashion, Art and Beauty
By Bonnie Canavino

Where in the world, can you find a place that can create your perfect look, be surrounded by art, find custom wellness and beauty spa services and know you were in a healthy environment? This was the dream of Owners Maria and Gary Sigman, when they created Salon Echo. Choosing the location in the historical district of Bryn Mawr gave them the unique opportunity of being part of the re-birth of an old neighborhood of Chicago , which is richly layered with Chicago Architecture and Ethnic diversity. One of the biggest challenges for Salon Echo’s creation was to keep it green. Maria and Gary spent three years searching for sustainable, non-toxic and recyclable materials for floors and walls, furniture for fabric and underlying structure, paints for distinctive color with health safety properties, and artisans and contractors who understood the importance of building a clean and healthy urban life environment. When finished, Salon Echo reverberates exactly what its designer’s saw which is only part of what Salon Echo is.

Here you will find not trend, but the continual motion of Fashion, Art and Beauty. From my first step in, I was mesmerized, the waiting area is a comfort zone with comfortable lounge chairs covered in earth tone materials, welcoming you to sit as long as you like and experience the feeling of color while watching professional creativity along with beauty products that are sitting on wooden clouds suspended with copper wires, that beckons your attention. Once in I learned that customer service, education and results are the main focus. How do they make this happen? Maria’s back ground includes being a presiteous Hair Color Trainer. Her expertise and knowledge of 14 years impacts her design for every client to experience the creation of a personal fashion statement with a plan to integrate health and wellness as a life style. She has brought together a global staff, which makes Salon Echo as diverse as its surroundings, but that’s only the beginning. The Salon stage for color and cut is wrapped in large etched glass mirrors, chocolate styling chairs and contemporary designed art glass where dancing bubbles abound. Connected yet private is the “foot retreat” where you can sit back and splash your feet in copper vessels. Across the hall is the “hand and mind pampering chamber”, large and softly lit to melt away the day. Both Gary and Maria agreed that education is just not for staff, but the community also, so they designed a large private room mirrored liked a dance studio, including the dancing bubble art glass, for events and party planning, lectures, personal training and lifestyle classes. Then there is a large and private spa, dressed in warm greens and cool turquoise with spotless marble and glass showers, beds with silky soft coverings and a relaxation room where every spa client gets a foot soak and massage experience, while becoming one with a cozy over sized chair. As I glided in this beautiful pyramid of fashion, art and beauty without even enjoying a service I felt refreshed wanting to linger longer. Salon Echo is a jewel retreat. You can visit Salon Echo at 1134 W. Bryn Mawr and for that oh so wonderful experience call 773 989 2358. They sell Gift Certificates also!