spring/summer 2006 collection

Women in skirts. An explicit declaration by a collection that provocatively excludes trousers, to focus on dresses, skirts, bustiers and mini-suits with the aim of a return to absolute femininity. An affectionate reversion to the fabulous years, when Rome was the favourite location for stars such as Ava Gardner who came to Italy to make films, fall in love and buy clothes from the most exclusive ateliers.
The shapes: the bust-waist-hips coordinates outline sinuous silhouettes that hug the body or open up in flares. Following these same rules, there are the dresses and blouses in muslin that reveal bustier whalebones, snug-fitting skirts highlighted by bands of lace on the hem, silk dresses that have wide flapping skirts.
The patterns: delicate country bouquets printed on jacquard fabric with iridescent effects, and large ivory flowers on a black background printed on cotton crepe or light chiffon.
The details: lace borders, powder-pink-coloured double layering, tailored features, macramé rosettes, surprising backs with ribbons and crossed straps.
Cult garments: the bustier plays the part of the protagonist, interpreting different roles. It’s included in the structure of the dresses, offered in macramé and combined with tight-fitting skirts, trimmed by satin ribbons or piped with chain-stitches and smoked crystals for a grand soirée look.
The jewel garment: dazzling lights for the little jacket embroidered with micro-sequins and silver glass tubules combined with a muslin skirt with an embroidered band.
The colours: chalk, lavender, powder blue and walnut. There’s also a touch of amethyst and lots of black matched with white and laid over powder pink.
The accessories: The cocktail-bra covered with lace on a white or powder-pink background is to be worn exclusively with a low-necked little cardigan and a very habillé knee-length skirt. The dizzily high-heeled pumps in lacquered leather come in the colours of the collection, but also in burning red or with the heel coated with macramé.