SOLEPassion Women’s Apparel LLC launching suede collection


New retail concept for sophisticated women, today announced that it will be launching new suede pieces.

Soft and Smooth Suede - another must-have! They just received some fabulous suede items that Hevila Bajaj designed with a great new manufacturer in Southern Brazil .  It is a little leather workshop that has only a few employees and make all pieces by hand.  The leather is from Brazilian “Gaucho” tanneries. Long brown suede skirts with a criss-cross leather tie priced at $98.  Brown suede blouses with a real and removable rabbit fur neckline that will go great with jeans or a tweed skirt $168.  Both are versatile for casual or moderately formal settings.

The suede trend will continue will continue into the spring and summer collection. The pieces will have slimming cuts and unique embroidered accents.


SOLEPassion designs suede apparel for the sophisticated woman to whisper elegance and be noticed.