BEHIND THE SCENE: A Backstage look at Thievery
By Yanira Garcia

Contest thru 5_15
12 Month


Fashion in Fashion, a company run by Victor Miller, hosted Star of Fashion,
showcasing his spring 2005 collection. But the real stars of the show were
Vernita Skinner, Horacio Nieto Jr, Jennifer Gilbert and Cheryl Gando. This quad
of about to be graduates from the International Academy of Design in Chicago,
stole the show.

Hearing about the show from Vernita Skinner herself, a close friend, I was
excited to see these young designers's works of art and to show moral support.
Finding out that two models did not show, Vernita scouted a girlfriend of mine,
Chicago model, Monique Muniz, and myself. Fortunately for her, we carried some
experience under our belts.

The show, which at no fault to these aspiring designers, was running extremely
late. Scheduled for 8pm, the show did not start for almost another two hours
but as they say the show must go on. And as it did. Vernita presented 5 outfits
of her "spring fling" collection, featuring garments made of lightweight denim
and hand painted silk. Finishing touches included make up from her own line,
Kaleidoscope. Cheryl offered a view of the past with beautifully handcrafted
cocktail dress as Jennifer offered her audience with denim bustier and added a
splash of green with her minis. But be forever grateful of the skill acquired
by Horacio whose oriental inspired collection blew the crowd out of the water!
Personal fav. a pair of black cargo cut off with pink straps that embellished
the bottom. To add to this amazement, he topped it off with a beautiful
midriff, kimono sleeved top. To the Extreme!

Honestly, the up and coming designers were beyond impressive.  Finally it was
time to go home, as Monique and I left a bit after 10:30, we heard rumors of a
fall show of the students alone. That will be worth waiting for!