Introducing CustomizedGirl: Personalized Fashion



CustomizedGirl has announced the launch of its interactive fashion Web site, which will offer the opportunity for anyone to design their own clothes.

The Web site ( utilizes a simple step-by-step process for individuals who want to customize apparel. First, the user selects an article of clothing from the CustomizedGirl Collection, which features items such as hooded sweatshirts, thong panties and summer tops. Next, he or she selects a design style and places it on the garment. Finally, the user creates a personalized logo or message with the desired font and text color.

"CustomizedGirl is revolutionizing fashion by personalizing fashion. We believe in encouraging creative expression in any form, and that includes clothes. Fashion is more exciting when you can be your own personal designer. Keeping that in mind, we developed the CustomizedGirl Collection and interactive website."