Women's Spring/Summer 2005


The Dolce & Gabbana Spring / Summer 2005 collection is played around a rich, sophisticated atmosphere of African glamour: after exploring and developing the deep roots of their Sicilian and Mediterranean nature, Dolce & Gabbana have in fact now decided to move to Africa for the latest inspirations.

The images and dreams that this continent has evoked in the Designers’ minds have set the stage for unparalleled luxury. Reminiscent of the memorable images that Richard Avedon used to shoot in the late Seventies, portraying a natural but glamorous beauty, and the evocative universe of Irving Penn and his reportages from Africa, Dolce & Gabbana have interpreted a modern and sophisticated collection, where “Luxury is More!”.

Balance and proportion are played with throughout the collection in both the fabrics and the tailoring. The perfectly tailored outfits alternate with light chiffon dresses and precious leathers mark the sign of a wild yet sophisticated elegance, where style is a matter of fine detailing and intricacies. Luxurious and exclusive fabrications from silk to snake are used to guarantee a light and sleek alternative to the simple and fresh cotton, so that silk ribbons and cotton wires are interwoven with jaïs, paillettes and linen.

Trousers are very slim and sexy, and shorts alternate to couture-style miniskirt, encrusted with feathers and chains. There is not a singular and unique proportion throughout the collection – instead there is contrast and compliment of soft or very built tailoring…preciously embellished coats and very mini skirts… the lightest chiffon, lined in crocodile, paired with lace and snakeskin… structure combined with ease. Everything a lady will need to take her through her travels, and beyond.

The accessories are about extremes – mini “mother-daughter” handbags, that can be hooked onto belt loops (another “must-have” look) and dangled around the waist – or hugely oversized straw bags, with snakeskin or crocodile details to define the style.

Highly expected and very selective, the “Zodiac bag” is proposed in different and lavish versions: each buckle, representing one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac, can be chosen and placed on the handbag, for special personalization of the most desired accessory.

Shoes, in wild animal prints with Swarovski details, are either toweringly high or slight and flat and are detailed in the most delicious variety of animal prints, carp skin, snake or crocodile.

Luxury, glamour and refined details define once more an unmistakably sensual look, made of deep Italian roots and exotic sensations: special pieces and unique finishing convey the dreams, irony and elegance that are worldwide known and recognized as Dolce & Gabbana style.