Face off to Face lifts
New Non-surgical and Spa Facial Equipment and Products for beauty
By Bonnie Canavino

Age no longer defines the want to look youthful and fit, but for those of us, who are thinking about surgery, wait. There are new Clinical non-surgical treatments and Spa Clinical techniques that can put off surgery, down time and pain!

According to PCI Journal, scientists today are revealing everyday how nutrition, antioxidants and anti-photo-aging products and protection inside and out build a youthful skin future. Take your vitamins and eat green live foods. Where to start, look for rich antioxidant fruits like pomegranates with properties to neutralize damaging free radicals, providing superior anti-aging results and tomatoes rich in lycopene associated with lowering risks of certain cancers. What’s important is to enrich your diet while using skincare products that are enriched with antioxidants like idebonone, new and a most effective antioxidant because it allows greater skin penetration. You’ll find idebonone in spa products like Prevage and True cosmetics.

In spas, seek out a progressive wellness spa that offers anti-aging services and products. I went under cover to experience this first hand at Carmen Nicole’s Wellness Spa, Park Ridge . After a thorough consultation, owner & professional esthetician Carmen Salerno recommended a custom spa clinical-treatment combining new complex Alpha Hydroxy acids to be blended with specific serums of aromatherapy for rejuvenation and lift with ultrasound & ultra-sonic current penetration to work with my skins deep layers. Results were firmer rejuvenated skin; I saw a noticeable difference, no more tired look. Carmen explained to me, this process is easier on the skin, eliminating typical acid irritation, redness and down time. She also stresses the post care and monthly treatments. If you commit, the skin becomes healthier with longer lasting results.

On the clinical horizon new cosmeceutical ingredients and procedures are being launch faster then ever. Dr. Steven H. Dayan, MD, FACS, Chicago Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, 845 N. Michigan Ave. # 919 , offers a holistic approach to facial health including non-invasive clinical services with true scientific validity. ”For the past five years Photo-facials and Micro Peels were popular, but results only worked for brown spots and blemishes with very little benefits to wrinkles or skin tone, leaving the client wanting more,” says Dr. Steven Dayan, “today the Erbium Laser results are exciting, leaving the skin with little redness, fresh, polished and glowing immediately.” These treatments are done in a series of 3, 2-3 weeks apart, for all skin types from sun damaged to acne, addressing skin’s needs. Dr. Dayan notes these treatments do not replace the face-lift, but fulfill specifics results for looking younger and healthier with little to no down time.

Sunscreen technology is also advancing at a rapid rate with additional antioxidants from botanicals for cell support, deep moisturization, a focus on sensitivity, natural properties and higher SPF. Like Bioelements, “Year Round Protector” SPF 30 with three antioxidants including Vitamin A & E and Green Tea and buttery high hydration of Shea. The importance of protection is crucial to shield young and treatment young skins against skin cancer and aging. Nutrition, Clinical Spa, special Clinical Treatments and maximum protection can all be done in balance with our hectic lifestyles. With a little research and recommendations you can have a longer look of youth and beauty and with all this working for us, just thinking about it makes you feel younger.

Photo by Scott Harrison