Old Navy Celebrates Daylight Saving Time by Declaring April 3 the "First Official Day of Flip-Flops"


Daylight Saving Time is known as the “unofficial” start of spring and brings something we all enjoy: more sun and more fun.  This year, Old Navy makes the annual ritual of setting the clocks forward truly memorable by declaring April 3, 2005 “The First Official Day of Flip-Flops.”  To mark the occasion, Old Navy invites everyone to celebrate the extra hour of daylight and the official start of flip-flop season by heading outdoors to finally expose those winter toes.

“Both sunshine and flip-flops are natural mood lifters - they make us feel happy and relaxed,” says Old Navy’s Director of Public Relations, Jonathan Finn.  “We are thrilled to add fun to this important but otherwise ordinary day by recognizing Old Navy flip-flops as the official accessory of Daylight Saving Time.”

When Americans think of flip-flops, they think of Old Navy.  In the past few years alone, Old Navy has sold more than 45 million pairs - that’s enough for every person in all of Florida and California combined! And those who wear them love them. According to a national survey, commissioned by Old Navy and conducted by Harris Interactive®: 
  • The majority (58%) of all adults own flip-flops and nearly one-third (32%) plan to buy a new pair flip-flops for the spring and summer seasons.
  • More than half (51%) of flip-flop wearing U.S. adults feel carefree when they wear flip-flops, and 63% U.S. adults associate the distinct sound of walking in flip-flops with the beach.
The start of Daylight Saving Time gives us reason to celebrate the joys of spring.  Old Navy has enlisted Tufts University professor and author, Michael Downing, to help demystify the history of this annual occurrence.  In his new book Spring Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving Time, Michael shares with America how to transform changing the clocks into a true celebration of all things spring!

“Daylight Saving Time is often a mystery to us, yet we go through the process of changing our clocks twice a year,” says Downing.  “However, such a routine practice has a surprisingly uplifting result that lasts many months.  When we spring the hands of the clock forward on April 3, we gain more of the day to spend time with family, friends and doing what we love.”

Excerpts from Michael Downing’s new book and other useful and fun information about Daylight Saving Time can be found at www.flipahead.com.

And this year, in celebration of the warmer weather, shoppers can pose their toes and enter Old Navy’s Top Flip-Flop Model Contest for a chance to win a feetured spot in an Old Navy circular. It’s easy and free to enter.  Shoppers can just drop off a photo of their feet at their local Old Navy, or submit one by mail. Entry forms with complete details will be available at Old Navy from March 28 through April 10, while supplies last, or online at www.flipahead.com.