Knock Your Socks Off!
Trends from the feet…
By Monique Muniz

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Now that its springtime, its time to flip and flop and kick those socks off. Give those toes some air to breathe! I recommend treating your toes (and fingers while you’re at it) to a nail spa in Wicker Park called Fingers and Toes. Nothing like a fresh pedicure to start off the season with a BAM! This time around, the nail hues are pastels and soft colors. I really like Revlon’sAlways On” nail enamel. It fights against ugly peeling and messy chipping…we all hate that! This nail polish leaves your toes looking fresh and hands glam, for that oh-so envied polished look.

To decorate those beautiful, pedicured feet are this summer’s hottest shoe styles. Ballerina shoes, for one, have pranced off the stage and onto the streets. With an array of colors and styles, you’d be sure to find a pair or two that best suits your style and personality. Try City Sole on Milwaukee for a sneak peak of what’s to come. Extremely versatile and comfortable, you just can’t go wrong.

And who can forget the trend that kept us on our toes a few summers back, the infamous wedge. They have been spotted multiple times on the runways of the biggest names. Back from the past, many designers have created their own rendition, like BCBG’s very own floral, strapped wedge. Dig them out of the back of your closet, strap them on, and re live the past.

Anything with rhinestones, sequences, and beads is another look for the spring, according to the Spring/Summer collection of Dolce & Gabbana. They can be found on none other than the classic stiletto. Don’t put those away just yet. No matter who you are or what you wear or the season; it is the stilettos that give your legs that sleek, chic look. This is a shoe that never could go wrong. It’s the season we’ve been longing for, fashionistas…long no more!