LaVaNd(tm) Fashion Launches Spring 2005 Line
San Francisco - October 6, 2004



San Francisco's newest fashion house, today announced their successful launch on September 30, 2004 at the Top of the Mark, Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco. LaVaNd's Launch Party was organized by Donovan, whose events are hailed as the biggest, most successful parties in San Francisco, supplying an energizing vibe that people are irresistibly drawn to time and again. LaVaNd's cutting-edge designs were modeled by some of San Francisco's most beautiful women, perfectly embodying the clothing's sense of fun and sensuality.

The successful launch has garnered unprecedented anticipation on the part of retailers and consumers for the debut of LaVaNd's Spring 2005 line and beyond.

LaVaNd approaches fashion with a new level of energy and design, at the leading edge of global fashion trends. LaVaNd's clothing adorns the body and captivates the mind. Through vision, ingenuity, innovation and efficiency, LaVaNd will continue to uphold its reputation for unparalleled styles, entrepreneurial spirit and solid organization. The Spring/Summer 2005 Collection contains evening dresses as well as tops and skirts that can be mixed and matched to achieve different looks.

LaVaNd will host a one-day fashion event showcasing its Spring/Summer complete collection in early November at Inagaki Gallery in San Francisco. For more information, please visit

(c) LaVaNd logoAbout LaVaNd
An enticing vision. A captivating collection. A blend of creativity and outstanding quality. For the confident, alluring, fashion-conscious woman. Made from material to inspire the senses. LaVaNd clothing reflects the energy of the "city by the bay," where LaVaNd's idea was born. San Francisco embodies the spirit of the freedom of being, of the excitement of diversity, of the influences of its magnificent style... all of which express the soul of LaVaNd.

From evening dresses, to separates that can take you from day to evening, it's all there in one collection. The materials are selected from the finest and highest quality imported fabrics, suede, and leathers that are a pleasure for the senses.

LaVaNd is also driven by the passion to provide exposure and funding support for one of the foremost women's issues, Breast Cancer and allocates a percentage of profits each year for breast cancer research. For further information, please visit