Peter Belisi Designs 'One of a Kind' Neckties and Scarves for Celebrities and Mayors at the United Nations World Environment Day 2005

Peter Belisi and his company Belisi Fashions have agreed to provide hand-made silk neckties and scarves for this year's United Nations World Environment Day. To celebrate natural life, Belisi has designed each necktie to be a "one of a kind" creation. No two are exactly the same pattern. World Environment Day, commemorated each year, is one of the principal vehicles
through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action.

Mayors from around the world met in San Francisco to celebrate green cities and create a plan for a sustainable urban future. A big part of World Environment Day is the Natural World Museum's "Unite in Green" campaign. Unite in Green is a global fundraising program launched by the Natural World Museum to unite individuals around the world in wearing green and showing their direct support to environmental conservation and a sustainable lifestyle.

Belisi has been selected to design and manufacture the hand-made silk neckties and scarves for the Unite in Green campaign. The ties and scarves have been distributed to mayors, celebrities and VIPs who wore the products at various World Environment Day events to show their support for the Unite in Green campaign. Two notable events were the Unite in Green Gala Reception with Daryl Hannah, Julia Butterfly and Charris Ford, and the Inspiring Sustainable Culture - International Symposium with Al Gore. The Belisi Unite in Green products were worn by mayors, celebrities and VIPs at these important events.

"We are excited to have the opportunity to support the environment through the Unite in Green campaign," says Peter Belisi, the founder and creative director at Belisi Fashions. "The neckties for this campaign are designed so that every Unite in Green necktie is a unique creation, a special collectors' piece. No two are identical." The Unite in Green silk neckties and scarves are available for purchase at Belisi Fashions and the Natural World Museum are considering select partners for retail distribution.