71st Annual
By Lauren Strejc

MAY 5, 2005- In 1934, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago presented a fashion show to showcase the students’ design work over the course of the year. Seventy-one years later, the showcase continues and is recognized as one of the most unique fashion shows in the world.

This year, two presentations were shown on both Thursday, May 5 th and Friday, May 6 th. Professional models sported the works of some of the most gifted sophomore, junior, and senior students at the ballroom of 112 S. Michigan Avenue . Nick Cave ’s Advanced Shape and Theory Class in conjunction with Instruments of Movement videos were shown between each class’s designs.


An impressive forty-four sophomores’ garments took to the runway, followed by thirty-four juniors who presented three garments each. To conclude the show, fourteen seniors each displayed five garments on the sash-saying models. That’s two-hundred-sixteen looks!

It’s no wonder that the school has generated famous designers such as Cynthia Rowley, Maria Pinto, Lawrence Steele, as well as up-and-comers Lara Miller and Shane Gabier. The show was visually entertaining and inspiring with its long range of colors, fabrics, shapes and choreography. In addition, the 85-foot runway, designed by architect Ammar Elouein, was backlit by a luminescent polycarbonate sculpture. For aural pleasure, each designer worked with DJ Hiroki Nishiyama and the show’s creative director, Werner Herterich, to have personal music for their collection.

The fashion show did not end after Friday. On Saturday, May 7 th, designers had the opportunity to display their work to over four hundred leaders in fashion at this year’s Head to Toe Fashion Gala, which is presented by the Auxiliary Board of SAIC. For the past eighteen years, the Fashion Gala has been the school’s most important fundraising benefit to support the next generation of artists. Held at 111 S. Michigan Avenue , the event also honored Sex and the City’s Patricia Field, who is designing limited edition footwear and accessories for Candie’s, her own clothing line, and other great achievements.

One of the great aspects of this fashion show is that fashionistas have the opportunity to purchase select garments during the following week. On Saturday, May 14, 2005 , the 2005 SAIC Runway Sale went from noon to 4:00 pm in the SAIC Department of Fashion Design, 37 S. Wabash Avenue (at Monroe ), 10 th floor.

I am enthusiastic for next year’s presentation. This annual event is a great way to kick off upcoming summer fashion events. I highly recommend this show, as it is a milestone in Chicago ’s fashion industry.

Designer List In Order of Appearance:

Jessica Wright, Seung Hee Kang, Nina Mross, Elizabeth Bevelacque, Tony Liu, Kesa Iskra, Hannah Niendorf, Stacey Abrams, Jae-Won Shim, Lindsay Salminen, Royelyn de la Cruz, Juhyon You, Rebecca Wolsten, Nora Claire Wolf, Bhawna Singh, Brian Lopez, Tess Ilene Bovée, Sara Boyd, Valerie Medelyan, Ryu Jin Kang, Jeehee Kim, Dana Peli, Jared Longoria, Maggie M. Morgan, Erin Gotwals, Christina Chan, Carolyn Klein, Anna Hovet, Gianna Isaia, Erin A. F. Milosevich, Sava Wolf-Yelesiyevich, Chelle Quye, Emilie Downs, Robyn Coffey, Stephanie Kuhr, Jamilee Polson, Marisa R. Swystun, Gowri Nambiar, Kyoonhee Shin, Sarah Leonetti, Michelle Barone, Charlotte Hess, Megan Giese, Jarrod Glaze

Alise Barrett, Melissa Serpico, Sarah Isenhart, Alison Carey, Errin Turner, Michael Stiska, Hyo Jeong Paik, Chela Nickels, Kristin Eaves, Sophie I. Lennox-King, Tank, Haewon Chun, Yoo Joo Choi, Megan Rutherford, Julia Toal, Grace Yoon, Sadaph Sabih, Crystal Orraca-Torres, Sakina Shirazi, Phoebe Rose, Danielle Karmo, Ivy Sin Hoi Ki, Wade Ryan Jensen, Kathryn O. Trout, Lisa Talla, Lara Moren Fuchs, Lindsay Keller, Matthew Lanci, Abigail Glaum Lathbury, Moire Conroy, Vincent T. Hāq-Mastrionni, Sarah Hein, Julie Luther, Iris Bainum-Houle

Olga Feyman, Jillian Gryzlak, Shoshana Tuszer, Amanda Weir, Michelle Rose, Rachel Ann Clarke, Meredith Maia Hill, Amie Hirata, Judy Young Yang, Monique Montenegro, Abby Elizabeth Sturges, Coral McLain, Kristin Lindbeck, Ellena Chmielewski

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Photo by Scott Harrison