Sweating it Out For Style
Stella McCartney has join forces with Adidas to create the hottest workout wear
By Yanira Garcia

It a country obsessed with weight loss and image it is odd that the least likely place to be fashionable is the gym. You are there to try and sweat off what the winter left behind but even the gym now too requires some chic fashions. A place where women refuses to remove even the slightest bit of mascara, has also now become a contest as to whose workout wear is the best. CFM discovered the winner. Fashion extraordinare, Stella McCartney has join forces with Adidas to create the hottest workout wear for the hottest of activities. With this joint force there is no contest.

Announcing a long-term partnership in September 2004, this British Fashion designer became the first high-end designer to create a functional sport performance collection for women. Stella McCartney is truly a first in the women's sportswear market, offering products for Running, Gym/Workout and Swimming as well as Cover-ups. Adidas, already a leader in its market, truly hit the jackpot. A combination of Stella’s innovative design with Adidas extreme knowledge in functional sportswear, this new collection will be a balance of both powers.

The encouragement to get into the gym rises with a palette of dusty pinks, shimmering grays and sandy yellows. Fabrics that let you breathe life and footwear that absorbs impact, this collection may not only be the best looking athletic wear but one of the most functional. Stella’s sense of style and insight into the needs of a woman and Adidas’ technology has created a fully functional and ultra modish collection, with clean cuts and particular detailing such as eyelets and knotting. The Adidas by Stella McCartney collection is part of the Adidas Sport Performance division, one of three the company carries. Stella McCartney and Adidas have worked with a number of athletes to ensure the product delivers on both performance and style.

This collection will have health nuts and homebodies all loving their treadmills. Women do not have to search far for function, this line is carried at select stores in Europe , Japan , and high-end department stores like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom’s here in the US . Lucky for us, the magnificent mile is honored by both.

Design by Stella McCartney Adidas
Models Yany, Molly & Natalia
Photo by Dan Peterson & Dawn Penich
Location Old Town Fitplex and Lake Michigan Chicago IL