Woman - Fall Winter 2005/2006

Multi-ethnic or stateless, international or global, fashion victim or trend setter, chic or casual, classic or ahead of the times? Questions with several answers, because the United Colors of Benetton woman of next winter will have many faces and multiple choices.

Versatile, chameleonic, glamorous, feminine, with lots of high-fashion touches; she dresses with flair and refinement, in tune with her times.

 Defining Chic has a sophisticated background and a skilful blend of explosive Parisian creativity and cool New York chic. Skimpy, light melton coats, faux karakul overwear, and little suits. Other styles are reinterpreted in classic fabrics and worn with the floral silks of brilliant little dresses. Soft or warm colours; dashes of powdery turquoise or pink for very prim and proper knitwear.

 Luxurious combinations of Shetland wool, soft country fabrics, classic elegance and a green palette … and it’s In the Irish Garden where casual classics shine with a new light. The cardigan with cables and lace-stitches, the knitted jacquard coat, the tweed knickerbockers, flounced skirt, leather jacket and even the Sixties-style cloak become fresh new styles for the third millennium.

 Neo-Heart Breakers wear the clothes of the 70s’ rebellion: psychedelic mixes of turquoise and purple arabesques, sheepskin waistcoats and jackets, coats embroidered like Oriental shawls, velvet miniskirts, distressed jeans, skinny jumpers in strong colours.  They pluck at male heartstrings with the same allure whether they wear ultra-feminine voile and lace slips or vintage check melton trench coats cinched at the waist.

 A rather unusual play of fabrics and forms for About a Man. Women take a turn in men’s fabrics and styles: blazers that shout sensuality; cheeky, sexy suits. Vicuñas, herringbones and Prince of Wales checks drift from trousers to straight or pleated skirts with unquestioned grace. The obvious black, white and grey are punctuated by hues as colourful as it gets.

 Tiny tiny blazers, short short jackets, bright bright duffel coats, tight tight trousers, light and airy padded jackets, super-decorated knits. In other words, Fashion Snapshot, the young line that sums up the Benetton look: strong colours mixed with style and lots of denim or corduroy. In addition to endless innovation.

 The evening rises in the East. At least it does for the Moon Dolls, who at night wear jade-green lace, burgundy shot silk, Capri blue velvet, Indian-garden floral silk, Zen Master black satin. Feminine shapes like a delicate souvenir doll: bustier jackets, puffy tulle skirts, skimpy, sparkling cardigans. All worn under severe overcoats with a promise of preciousness, like jewellery cases.

Ph Benetton Group, Andrea Pancino