End of Summer Make Up Tips
By Elizabeth Bilow

Summer fun in Chicago means being able to go outside and enjoy the weather. Whether you are going out for a walk, volleyball at the beach or shopping a local sidewalk sale, you want your makeup to look fresh and stay that way. Keep your makeup from turning into a hot mess with these tips.

Start with the most important thing under the sun...sunscreen. Sunscreen should be the first thing you apply.

After applying sunscreen, foundation should be kept light. Use either a sheer oil free foundation or tinted moisturizer, applying it from the center of the face out, concentrating only on areas that need evening out. A great way to use your own foundation is to blend it down with your moisturizer, creating your own tinted moisturizer.

For those areas under the eyes or around the nose needing more coverage, use concealer sparingly. Keeping it light will keep it from caking.

Now is not the time for those heavy powders. Put them away for a few more months. Use a sheer translucent loose or pressed powder.

The best way to even out your skin is a tan. Bronzers work great to give a sunkissed look, and even out skintone overall. Just make sure to apply a bronzer after you have powdered to ensure a smooth application.

Blotting papers are a must! Carry them with you to refresh your face throughout the day. They pick up any extra shine without disturbing your makeup or layering on any extra heavy product.

As far as eyes, start with a cream base. A good cream eyeshadow or even your concealer works to even out your lids and keep color there. Follow with a light shimmery (shimmer, not frost!) shadow from lashline to brow. Save the smokey or contour shadows for night. By using the cream first, it gives the powder something to hold onto, and by using a lighter shade, if you do start to crease, just smooth it out with your finger, no mirror needed!

Pencil eyeliners are a definate no. They have a wax base so as soon as the heat hits, it will melt and smudge. If you must use liner, line with an eyeshadow keeping close to your lashline. This will give you the definition, and stay put much better. To finish off the eyes, waterproof mascara of course.

The sheer longwearing lipstains these days are a great option for lips. Skip the lipliner for two reasons. It tends to look overdone and heavy outdoors, and again, when hot it tends to melt and run.

Overall the key to daytime summer makeup is to look great without looking made up. Our time should be spent enjoying the summer while it’s here. Not worried about touching up our faces. Hope you all look hot this summer without the makeup meltdowns!

Photos by Scott Harrison | Model Anna
Jewelry by Sara McGuire