Mane Fashion Attraction
By Bonnie Canavino

Cutting edge fashion doesn’t stop with the couture ensemble and trendy accessories, it includes hair fashion. So how do you find your perfect mane fashion?

Wanting a professional’s advice, I went to Genacelli, located at 2829 North Sheffield in Chicago , 773 248 8822 and spoke with co-owner and Artistic Director of Cosmetologists Chicago, Joseph Cartagena. During my time with Joseph, I focused on three important questions. What are the hair styles now and how do they change for Fall-Winter? Are hair styling tools more important then products today and is it the Fashion trend or individual style that makes the total look?

“Right now fashion styles are easy but not black and white” quoted Joseph, “they are very bohemia with lots of fabric layering, heavy underneath and light on top”. “Gem tones, violets, gold’s, lime greens, and pale blue accents”. Hair is geometrically tailored, layered and textured”. “Clients are now just grasping the look, but by fall these looks will become strongly embraced, with fashion colors continuing the same but becoming more subtle”. “Hair will be loose-shag with lots of layers, and lots of texture or soft perms”. “Hair will be sculptured adding alternate straight and soft permanent or temporary curl sections”.

So get ready for the tools and products. Joseph stresses that the technology of Hair products today are fabulous. Take Redken's three new products: Active Express, helps dry the hair faster by 30%, but will not dry it out, Align, allows the hair to reject humidity and keep it smooth and soft and Spray Tight, based with sugar, shields the hair from the heat of blow drying and flatiron techniques. Yes, tools are equally important. For the temporary soft curly the flat Iron by Artizen can create the perfect wave or smooth the hair perfectly and Blow dryers by Salano, built with quality, gives heat control along with the come back Diffuser.

Now I ask, is it the picture perfect trendy cut or is it the individual’s hair style that makes the fashion statement “Today it’s very much the individual” says Joseph,” for two reasons: “When you enjoy what you have on, you look good, have great energy and show confidence; and with a good hair dresser the education is empowering and you embrace a total look”.

But how do I find the right hair dresser? (This is a fact that Joseph is passionate about and teaches his salon team. )

“A great hair dresser dose a consultation, listens, has good suggestions, and must have a sense for fashion” says Joseph”.

Here’s what you should do:

Book a consultation and if the hair dresser does not provide this service move on until you find a hair dresser that will. Be prepared to tell them your wants needs and desires. Ask if they have a personal styling book (optional) or pictures as you talk about looks you’re interested in and make sure he or she is a great listener. Ask how you can get the most out of your hair; thin to thick hair defines success. Lastly make sure you understand each other and if you feel there’s a chance for doubt, talk about it and if you’re not satisfied, before the cut, leave.

With all this advice you can go from good hair styling to great mane fashion attraction. Thanks Joseph!