No- more fear, dreads & nail biting over Hair-freedom for Fashion Skin appeal!
By Bonnie Canavino


Beautiful skin has perfect color, flawless texture and is hair free including Brazilian bikini styles and arms for women and backs and chests for men. Then there is the issue of chronic and unsightly unwanted hair on chins and cheeks for women. Choosing how to achieve hair-freedom until now includes, painful and sometimes irritating waxing and electrolysis, time-consuming tweezing, threading, sugaring, and razor burns. Laser Hair Removal is the Twenty First Century’s service of choice. Can’t believe it, well after researching laser hair removal, not only has medical science taken this process seriously, but today medical hair removal equipment is being made so the experience is virtually painless.

So what are the facts? I went to Dr. Steven H. Dayan M.D., Chicago Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, 845 North Michigan Ave., Suite 919, for the answers! According to Steven, 70% of the clients are women, but men are not shy to this service, making up a good 30%. The ideal candidate includes, the client who has chronic ingrown hairs and easily gets razor burns, but everyone can enjoy the service. I did say enjoy. Laser Hair Removal equipment today is very tolerable and soon to be pain free. Next, a misconception to clear-up, Laser Hair Removal is a medical procedure, but this dose not means its permanent, but the good news is, it reduces and slows the hair growth significantly. Squeamish about the length of time it takes, well some procedures like eye-brows takes several minutes and a back twenty minutes, but it all depends on the area and the amount of hair. Overall time invested, again depends on the individuals needs but the long lasting results are seen immediately. Price is based the same average from $100.00 to $800.00. Lastly, Steven stresses “Laser Hair Removal is a medical treatment and should only be preformed by a qualified physician” and “lasers today are made to address different skin types”. With the qualified physician and knowing he or she can address your individual skin type needs, makes the experience nearly perfect. Perfect would be the limo to drive you there!

So will you run out for this procedure? Check out the facts and get educated as waxing and tweezing are not the only hair removal games in town!


Photos by Scott Harrison | Model Marina
Jewelry by Sara McGuire
Green Sweater by Lara Miller