Publishers Note….

Dear CFM Readers:

I would like to personally thank you for your interest in our publication. This month we are celebrating our First Anniversary. Yes it has been a year since we started, as always times fly. In that year we have done a lot in the Chicago Fashion Scene by keeping Chicagoans up to date with local fashion events, recent industry news, and new styles that are passing by. Our team of writers, photographers, reporters and editors are always enthusiastic to present something new for you. Most of them have been contributing to the magazine since the beginning and they are a vital part of our team.

It is not always as easy as it looks, and their hard work, devotion and valuable contribution to the magazine are greatly appreciated. I would like to thank all of them:

Yanira Garcia: Fashion Editor whose always on a top of new trends,
Jennifer Evangelista: Editor-in-Chief,
Kristina T Paunovic: Fashion Director,
Dawn Penich: With her trained eye for fashion photography as our Staff Photographer,
Scott Harrison: Our most active contributing photographer that many of you already met,
Rudy Arias: Generous photographer that helped us with Speedo photoshoot,
Photographers Jaime Escalante, Eddie Garza, and Dan Peterson,
Stefan Terzich our webmaster,
Bonnie Canavino: For keeping us up with all beauty trends and secrets
To our contributing writers Brian Gulash, Elizabeth Bilow, Erin E. Weinger, Michael Stagg, Moniqu Muniz, who are all currently working on some special coverings for next month and all the contributors behind the scene.

And a special thanks also to my assistant and our right hand that many of you already know from the TV screens or some of the important Chicago runways: Lauren Strejc.

All of us take this project very seriously and we are very proud and flattered for the opportunity to share the latest in Chicago ’s fashion industry.

Special Thanks to all the Fashion Corporations and Fashion Designers that made their creations available for our photo shoots and interviews, as well as sharing part of their personality with our readers. Also I would like to thanks all models that workd with us in a past.

We are looking forward keeping you on top of the fashion trends for many years to come.

Goran P.