Horst Rechelbacher
The Genius behind the Science of Healthy Skin
By Yanira Garcia

The door opens as my heart settles into my throat. A burst of jasmine overwhelms my senses. His head is covered in metallic speckles but his features show barely any signs of age. He smiles and says hello. His persona quickly calms me. I had imaged what it would be like to meet him several times before but I never really grasped a simple idea. To be in the presence of such genius, I was a nervous wreck but at that instance I felt mellow and so serene. It must have been the aroma in the air…

An active environmentalist, artist, author, and prominent businessman, Horst Rechelbacher celebrates 50 years in the industry. His beauty consciousness began when Horst was just 14 years old in 1955. At such a young age, Horst began a three-year apprenticeship in the salon industry. As a young hairdresser, Horst won all the competitions that he had entered. Soon after that, Horst moved to Rome and began a career as a photo stylist for major motion pictures.

In 1963, Horst settled on a journey to America, where he opened his own business. Then and still, Horst being working side by side with chemists, physicians, and pharmacognosists. In 1970, he studied Traditional Medicine in India. This helped him later on in life when in 1978; he founded Aveda with the philosophy that ‘health is beauty’. Horst then, became his own photographer having to play many roles when founding a new company. He was later quoted saying “taking a picture is like painting a picture”. It was this outlook on photography that helped him capture his work in the truest form of its art. This jack of many trades was serving as the stylist and photographer in his images, capturing his many talents.

In 1988, Horst opened his first lifestyle Aveda store just two years after opening his second Aveda shop. In the 1990’s Horst began focusing strictly on products. In this decade, Horst became very involved in environmentalism. Helping build the Himalayan Medical Center, his involvement and extreme knowledge of green politics has made in the recipient of an Honoris Causa from Hindi University and Honoris Causa doctorate in Ayurveda from Gurukul Mahavidyalaya Twalapur, Haridwar University. Recently, Horst Rechelbacher has sold Aveda and launch yet another amazing company.

Based on apothecary principles, Intelligent Nutrients also believes that ‘health is beauty’. Focusing more so on the health, IN is about a person’s own well being. It products, which range from aromatherapy oils to chocolates to vitamins, are 100% organic.

With products that encourages tranquillity, Agave In-Fusion oils are a tremendous success. What so great and different this from that (E.I. Horst’s previous breakthrough)? It is the fact that these oils are not only great to be used as home incense but have also anti aging properties. The black cumin seed oil, which not only give flavoring to any meal but also when applied directly to the face and neck, gives you a delicate glow that leave your skin baby soft for days and wrinkle free for a few more years, a tip from the creator himself. As if that was not enough, for those looking for maximum anti-oxidation, try Anatomy. Extremely high in Fiber, this power mix derived from Flax seed and Soy, just to name a few, helps protect cells from damage as well as help promote a healthy heart simply by adding it to your yogurt or Orange Juice amongst other things. While you sit back to enjoy your snack, take in a breath of fresh air with the Rose Water Infused room spray, with an aroma that would make the founders of Elizabeth Park jealous.

In a society where more and more schools are requiring environmental science classes to help promote a safer milieu, Horst Rechelbacher has joined the crusade to help fight against contaminants and impurities. Best of all while helping us, once again, look our absolute best.

Photos by Eddie Garza