Holiday Makeup Shopping
By Elizabeth Bilow

Yes it’s true, the holidays are actually here already, which means department store markdowns.

Cosmetics however, is the only department that does not go on sale. Ever.

What cosmetics does offer though, are holiday blockbuster promotions which are a great value. They are usually much bigger and better than any GWP (gift with purchase) or PWP (purchase with purchase) that are offered throughout the year.

Most cosmetic companies put together special holiday palettes or gift sets. Whether they are color, skin or body care, or fragrance, they can be a great way to try a new brand or just a new item from a company you already use. Sometimes the colors are limited editions which mean they are usually not carried throughout the year.

There are so many temptations out there which make it necessary to take the time look at the options and test the colors. Think of what you need. Do you want a palette with eyeshadow, lipstick, or a combination set? Consider what the retail value of all the products would be. Usually the retail value is posted on the gift set. If the sizes of the products are mini, it may be hard to tell.

Be realistic about how many colors in a palette you will actually use. If you will only really use one or two shades, it may not be such a great value.

Another option is to buy a kit that has multiple items that can be divided up. They make great stocking stuffers (or the “one for you, one for me” philosophy).

Speaking of stocking stuffers, when you do buy something, ask for samples. Sales associates are usually happy to throw a few samples in with your purchase such as a fragrance vial, or skincare packet. They can make great gift toppers. Just tie them on to your gifts with ribbons.

When you do zero in on what you really want, buy it. Holiday specials are limited, and they do tend to sell out quickly.

One last thing from someone who’s been on the other side. This can be a hectic stressful time of year for us all. As tough as it is for us to shop for a few hours in all the madness, just imagine how it is to work in it all day. Please have a little extra patience and maybe a smile for your sales associate or makeup artist. It can truly help both of you.