Do you need a foundation primer?
By Elizabeth Bilow

Many companies are selling foundation primers in addition to foundation. Is foundation primer just another add on sale for cosmetic companies or is it really something we need?

Foundation is something we put on to even out skin tone. What had not been touted as a benefit of foundation is the ability to even out skin texture.

Foundation primer is applied before foundation and smoothes out the texture of the skin allowing the foundation to glide over it. It also works as a base for the foundation to grab onto, therefore keeping your foundation lasting longer. It keeps your pores and/or lines looking smooth. A little bit goes a long way and it can be used for all skin types.

Most primers active ingredient is its silicone base. There are many great foundations on the market now containing silicone, therefore if you are using one of these foundations, there is no need for a primer. If your current foundation is not silicone based and you are happy with it overall but would like it to last longer or have a smoother look, then try a primer.

Model Molly | Photo By Scott Harrison