October 2005


Chicago FASHION:

Day One and More... [ Sarah Jessica Parker in Chicago ]
By Lauren Strejc

Gen Art's Shop CHICago
By Anthony D., Contributing writer & photographer

I love Chicago! [ World of JLo Premiers In Chicago ]
By Lauren Strejc

Grand Finale:
Chicago Wraps up Fashion Focus

By Yanira Garcia

Chic is what you make of it...
[meen kyolë] lets women say the best dress is “My Dress”

ANTM Visits Chicago
By Lauren Strejc

World of Color
By Lauren Strejc

Second of Color Series
By Lauren Strejc



Do you need a foundation primer?
By Elizabeth Bilow

First Time Spa Goers Check List
By Bonnie Canavino


Fashion Focus Chicago Overview
By Lauren Strejc

Unity in Diversity; Fashion Show
By Brian Gulas

Insider Tips
By Lauren Strejc

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Sarah Jessica Parker in Chicago
Sarah Jessica Parker in Chicago
Photo By Scott Harrison for CFM

Fashion 125x125
Anew Skincare


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