First Time Spa Goers Check List
By Bonnie Canavino

Are you going to a Spa for the first time or been there, done that and was disappointed? Going to the spa is exciting. Visions of total stress release and pampering immediately emerge. That is what is supposed to happen, but too often we are not aware of the amenities or what to ask. This can make the difference between a great spa experience and never returning!

It’s time to unravel the mystery and expose all the things to experience and demand, whether it’s your first visit or you’re hundredth.

Here is a list of vital questions to ask while booking the spa experience.

  • What are your spa amenities? Do you have a locker room with complimentary grooming products, robes, gowns, sanitized slippers, a shower, blow dryers, disposable razors, and refreshments and snacks (in case you need to eat)? Yes it is like going to the gym.
  • Is there parking or valet?
  • Is there a relaxation room for after services?
  • Do you sell skin and body care products?
  • Can you send or fax me a list of spa services?
  • Do I need to prepare myself in anyway for this service?
  • Do I need to come earlier then the scheduled service time?

Next is a list of spa protocol to expect.

  • Warm greeting and confirmation of the services
  • Introduction, escort, tour and information for service preparation
  • Escort to the service room and a pre service comfort prep
  • Complete consultation, this directly influences your personal spa experience and results
  • Service with guidance and the personal attention of bringing you a refreshment to hydrate at the conclusion of the treatment
  • Post treatment information including showing you the results and recommendations for the future and home care
  • Escort back to the relaxation, locker or changing room for your comfort including letting you relax and enjoy the spa facilities and informing you where check out is
  • Checking out should include going over future recommendations and bookings and showing you the recommended home care and purchases to add to closing your ticket

These are the basic steps that all spas and full service salons should do. Additional customer care maybe added like heated neck rolls and big fluffy towels on a warming rack in the locker room. There is no limit for individual spa touches.

Next is a list of things you should ask and tell your spa service provider.

  • Tell all dislikes, discomforts, concerns and requests,
  • Every service has a designed consultation form. Spa services are intimate and require knowing medical histories, injuries, sensitivities, allergies, pregnancy, medication and likes and dislikes. If you technician fails to begin with a consultation you must challenge them. How can they touch or apply a product if they don’t have a clue about you!
  • Recommendations and home care are essential for your information whether you choose to participate or not.


Spas offer the opportunity to ask the professional for information about wellness, self care, and about the newest cosmetic techniques. Your rights include asking questions about every part of your spa experience, even if you do not know the right question, just voice your concerns. Being informed allows you to experience the best spa service with results that impact your well being. Now that you know what to do in spa go for it and reap the rewards of beauty and relaxation…even during a bikini wax.