World of Color
By Lauren Strejc

Thursday, September 22, 2005- Most of us have a favorite color; something that appeals to our eye without too much thought. But color actually plays a vital role in our lives. Some experts believe that colors can alter mood and appetite, and even reflect your personality. It’s no surprise that color is an important part of fashion, but did you ever think of predicting colors as you do the weather?

This is what Margaret Walch has been doing for a living for over 18 years. She is the Director of The Color Association of the US , the oldest and most respected color forecasting company in the United States . She leads seasonal forecasting sessions throughout the US, and stopped by the W Hotel on September 22 nd, as part of Fashion Focus Chicago. This was the first of a two-part series of color presented by the Chicago Fashion Foundation.

In addition to explaining the role of color forecasting, Margaret also discussed the importance of color and how it relates to all types of fashion. Her intellectual, yet entertaining approach also explored color’s position with art history, architecture, and environmental design.

Margaret Walch leads The Color Association of the US in its seasonal forecasting sessions that chart color taste for the American fashion and interior design industries. In addition to being the Director of CAUS, she is also the co-author of The Color Compendium and Living Colors: The Definitive Guide to Color Palettes Through The Ages.

The Color Association of the US was founded in 1915 as the Textile Color Card Association of the United States whose purpose served the textile and related women's fashion trades. The name was changed to The Color Association of the United States near the end of 1955, as the company had expanded to also serve synthetic fibers, home furnishings, floor coverings, wallpaper, household appliances, paints, plastics, automobiles, motion pictures, television, and radio.

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