Premium Washes and Your Perfect Fit

For Fall 2005 The Express Design Studio has mastered the look AND FIT of designer jeans while keeping price down and quality up. New for Fall is the X2 denim collection from Express, a new line that delivers premium washes, finishes and fits at accessible prices.

Based on the sheer strength of size and the ability to commit to fabrics early, the Express design team was able to strengthen existing relationships with major denim factories all over the world including Turkey, Japan, Mexico, and Texas to establish itself as a key player in the denim market. Emphasizing fabric, finish and fit, Express proves that premium isn't simply a factor of pricing - it's the end result you walk away with. "All designer brands use similar techniques to achieve a heavily processed look, but not all brands can commit to such large volumes like Express and negotiate such great pricing based on our large volume positioning with certain fabrics," said Narda Chan, Senior Designer at The Express Design Studio, "we focused on mixing the product and washes to yield the price our customer wants, and worked hard to develop premium washes and fits for every type of denim attitude: casual, uptown, and vintage." Prices range from $50 - $198 for the multi-step processed styles and are offered in sizes/ lengths on pages that follow.

Express new fits and washes hit stores July 18th.

Express is the only stylish, innovative and sexy fashion brand completely driven by original design. Each season, the Express Design Studio on New York's Fifth Avenue develops carefully edited collections of high quality work and casual wear for fashion-forward young men and women. From the product to the store experience, the Express brand is the fashion leader. Express is a dual gender $1.9 billion dollar retail company with 884 stores nationwide.

Express Fall Fits

W31: a low rise, curvier fit that comes in both a boot and a flare leg

W20: a super low rise, regular fit that comes in a boot leg

W10: a super low rise, slim fit that comes in a flare leg

Every technique is processed by hand which makes each pair authentic and different from the next. "Factory workers even use lollypop sticks to create whiskers at the front lap lines making them look worn," said Chan.

Express Fall Washes

Dark Sulphur Wash: subtle hand sanding in front to create a worn effect and medium dark stone wash.

Aged Indigo: hand sanded whiskers at front lap lines, heavy stone washing, a bleach to create a medium light blue indigo shade and aging tint.

Resin Coated Whiskers: dark rinse base shade and resin coated whiskers.

Vintage Distressed: heavily stonewashed to a very light indigo blue shade, hand sanding on front and distressed grinding at the hems and pickets to give true vintage feel.

Dark Copper Tint: minimal stone washing to create a dark base shade, minimal hand sanding for worn in look and heavy dirty tint to keep base shade dark.
Vintage Royal Blue: seventies inspired whiskers at front and back of knee, heavy stone washing to give vintage royal blue shade.
Aged Blue: natural looking hand sanded whiskers, heavy stonewashing to a medium dark indigo shade and dirty tint to add aging effect.
Rinse: minimal wet processing, denim kept dark.
Authentic Whisker Light: authentic inspired hand sanded whiskers at front lap lines, heavy stone washing with bleach to create medium light blue indigo shade.

Distressed Modern: royal blue base shade with sponge applied bleach to distress the indigo warp yarn, a modern authentic looking wash with swift tacks at pocket scoops and hems.

Deconstructed Aged Blue: natural looking hand sanded whiskers and heavy stonewashing to a medium dark indigo shade, dirty tint to add aging effect with destruction and holes

Sanded Resin Whiskers: resin baked narrow whiskers at front lap, a subtle hand sanded lap, and a dark blue base shade.

Photo Credit: Express