Eye Focus
By Elizabeth Bilow

Most people would say their best feature is their eyes. So make sure to play them up. Just make sure you have one focus at a time. If you play up the eyes with a darker shade, balance the look by keeping your lips light.

To update the smokey eye look try using plums instead of brown or black. There are some great metallic eyeliners out there. Try a shimmery green or plum. Apply all along the lashline on top and bottom, inner rim as well. Then follow with a similar tone shadow to smoke it out. Keep the brow bone light.

As far as your lashes, don’t spare on the mascara with this look. Curl lashes and apply multiple coats without letting the mascara dry between applications. This will keep the lashes defined without getting clumpy or spidery.

When curling your lashes make sure to press gently, hold for about 10 seconds close to the lashline and repeat 2 times as you work out towards the tips. This will keep your lashes from crimping instead of curling. Also, make sure you are using a high end curler. They are made with rounded inserts which help as well.

The focus will definitely be on your eyes. I bet even you won’t be able to take your eyes off your eyes!

Photo by Scott Harrison | Model Erin