Fall Make up Fashion…Choose the Professional Make up Diva
By Bonnie Canavino

Ok, let’s face it, most of us go to the department store for make up advice, the purchasing experience and to load up on samples, but that’s not where you’ll fine the professional make up artist diva. After several months of research, I found one of Chicago ’s most sought after artist, Rosemary Shugar of Rosemary Shugar Salon.

Rosemary trained in Beverly Hills , Ca. under Anastasia, known for her brow design techniques. Investing in her talents to perfect the perfect brow defining service, she has worked with local Chicago stars and starlets not on location, but for their personal skincare and make up looks seasonal and special occasion. Did I mention that she is an incredible esthetician also!

This Fall Rosemary has just launched her own line of cosmetics including high quality artist brushes that fit the hand and glide color to perfection. What makes this cosmetic line a must have? It’s designed for every skin type especially for sensitivity, acne and rosecea. It’s micronized with the finest minerals, absolutely no fillers, fragrance, talc, and dyes. What it dose have is gentle textures, skin loving earth found natural colors, formulas you can understand and an artist that will design your seasonal look that is perfect, simple and beauté.

In the Rosemary Shugar Make Up Collection there are three must haves that will revolutionize what you use and carry in your make up bag. The “Blushimizer” is a duo of a luminizer and blush in one. These compact colors can be used as highlighter, eye color, mixed for incredible blush translucency, and all over glow. Ingredients for the most sensitive include jojoba, vitamin E, titanium dioxide (natural sunscreen) and kaolin (natural clay). Next, “The No More Fair Scare Look”, yes all you blonds and redheads that dread not wearing make up to the gym and drugs store, you know what I mean, Rosemary has created “Bare Blash” for Brows and Lash. This is so wow, a simple application of light or medium blond crème in a mascara tube, that you quickly apply and run. The added benefits are: you feel fabulous and confident and you can use it as a primer under mascara for more luscious lashes and on brows to create more density, when you have thin brows like mine.

The third delicious core product is Rosemary’s Pure “Mineral Moisture Tint”, unlike any I’ve tried; this tint is sheer & weightless, feels like skin, anti-inflammatory with cell renewing properties and protects the skin from the sun. On top of all this is an artist that will give you the perfect brow design with all the excitement and glamour of your own private Make up artist.

You can find the Rosemary Shugar Salon and her exclusive Make Up line at 916 Green Bay Road , Winnetka , 847 446 0490.