Glam Rock
By Brian Gulash

August 12, 2005: everyone who’s anyone strutted their stuff down the green carpet at the Chicago theatre on historical State street. Why you ask…well, Marshall Field’s hosted its annual Glamorama fashion spectacular. The likes of Access Hollywood, and host of E! Fashion Police were there to capture the star-studded evening. The B-52’s arrived with over-the-top makeup, hair, and outfits to sing their hit’s like Loveshack. Girrlicious cruised in scandalously dressed, on top of a fire truck, while local socialites were in toe in their Glamrock limos. Talking to those in the crowd at the event there was some disappointment surrounding the new line of jeans and t-shirts entitled R-line, but still excitement over the appearance of the creator and host of Fox’s American Idol; Ryan Seacrest.

With a backstage pass in hand, I had to check out the clothes models were to be wearing on stage before everyone else did. The looks oozed everything you would expect for a rock-n-roll lifestyle, with designer duds from D&G, Cavalli, and Gaultier. What’s even better was some of the models, were those who actually debuted these collections on the Paris runways.

Every year Field’s holds this event to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, and The Art Institute of Chicago. Field’s is always playing a part in helping the community. For one love when charity and fashion go hand-in-hand.