Dolan Geiman


Originally from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Dolan currently
lives and works in Chicago. Dolan has been working as a professional artist
since his undergraduate years and, in recent years, began inventing his own
fashion design methodology. - called the RESCUED CLOTHING design service.

After years of collecting materials, woodwork, clothing, patterns,
wallpaper, love letters and other assorted tokens from abandoned homes along
the Southeast region of the US and then turning these found materials into
silkscreen paintings & collages, Dolan first began to silkscreen, resew and
resell the abandoned clothes he would discover. This concept evolved and
became more sophisticated and soon the RESCUED CLOTHING design service was born.

For a flat rate per garment, clients send their lack-luster garments
to be authentically rescued with hand-printed, hand-sewn materials, patterns
and accents. Like the garments Dolan first rescued from abandoned homes,
clients now have an interesting alternative to just donating their old
clothes to local thrift stores.