Edwing D'Angelo



It’s seems like only yesterday that Edwing D’Angelo burst onto the fashion scene stealing the spot light, while displaying and introducing his colorful array of Latin infused designs. Since then, the Colombian born designer has been in high demand dressing and outfitting everyone from CBS-2 Morning Anchorwoman Shon Gables, BET VJ Tiffany and Free, Lifetime “Strong Medicine” star Rosa Blasi and NBC “Third Watch” star Tia Texada to serving as fashion consultant for BET Music Awards. His work being featured from New York Post to special on CBS, ABC and Univision. D’Angelo is getting ready to show his fifth collection Spring 2005 during NYC Fashion Week this September. His one of a kind pieces are in high demand in numerous boutiques around the world and his customers range from mid-western housewives, to upper Manhattan socialites. It kind of hard to believe that Edwing, who migrated to meet his family to the United States in 1988, was willing to give all this great talent up for a career in law.

Being the oldest of five children, Edwing was quite determined and committed to setting a positive example for his younger siblings to follow. He worked while attending school; was the first to enroll and graduate from college; and was ready to settle in on a prosperous and safe career. However, Edwing, who is a descendent from a long line of tailors and seamstresses, love and passion for fashion always seemed to be lurking from afar. In an effort to express his creative talent, Edwing, who worked fulltime at an immigration law firm, would moonlighted as a stylist on various photo shoots, assisted with wardrobe on numerous video shoots and produced countless pageants. In addition, he would also design his own clothing as well as special occasion clothing for his friends.

It wasn’t until he designed a prom dress for his kid sister that Mr. D’Angelo begin to realize that he really could make it in the world of fashion. The gown was such a big hit amongst his sister’s friends that he ended up making 32 in total, giving him a clear sign to make the jump into the world of fashion. In 2002 he opened up his first boutique. His mission was to present a place where people can get high-end fashion at a reasonable price.

Today the Edwing D’Angelo remains in central Harlem where he shares a creative trendy space in the heart of the village in collective retail space called The Brownstone. The showroom is filled with festive colors and decoration which illustrates Angelo’s cultural pride. He currently has three collections under his roster. Karaz By Edwing D’Angelo is his vibrant ready to wear day and office wear. Edwing D’Angelo Couture, which contains detailed to perfection, is his one of a kind evening wear and Edwing D’Angelo Bridal is his festive wedding gown collection. All three lines are masterfully crafted and tailored to perfection.