House of Bullet


House of Bullet Couture Sportswear™ is aimed at independent,
unconventional and contemporary individuals. House of Bullet fashionistas are on culture's cutting edge and live life by their own rules. They are creative and dare to take risks.
House of Bullet's image reflects the urban feel of New York, London and Berlin. House of Bullet empowers you with a sense of style and confidence to Dare to be You™.

House of Bullet Couture Sportswear™ was founded by the award-winning
graphic designer Tim Scott Kump, aka Bullet. After receiving a BFA
degree in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design in New York City, Bullet started his own graphic design/marketing communications firm in
Chicago called Bullet Communications, Inc.®

The logo he created for Bullet Communications®, as well as work he
completed for various other clients, has won numerous awards for design
excellence. His work has also been published in 70 international books and magazines showcasing the best in graphic design.

In 2003, Bullet decided to take his own brand, which represents quality in design,
and expand it into a clothing line. His objective was to create comfortable, stylish
apparel that helps people feel good about themselves and inspires them to Make an Impact™ -- a positive impact, in the world around them.

Bullet personally designs and prints each garment. His artist's signature can be
found along the bottom of each shirt.

He founded House of Bullet™ as the vehicle to bring his philosophy of simplicity
of design and purity of communication to the street. House of Bullet™ apparel extends his brand vision and conveys his messages which celebrate creativity
and individuality.