NASAANI emerged from the craving for uniqueness and the fiery energy of sisters Avani and Sneh. Each piece of the line is hand-tailored and fashioned from fabrics from around the world. The designs of NASAANI interlace clean, cutting-edge lines with opulent fabrics and details, creating an understated elegance for both the male and female form. Avani and Sneh have taken the traditional and sculpted pieces that make transparent to the world the soul within.

The women’s line accentuates the femininity of a woman without hiding her strength. Meanwhile, each design in the men’s line subtly highlights the male form. Every piece of the line bearing the NASAANI signature, of understated elegance.

Each piece in the NASAANI collection is designed to be admired by all those who wear it as well as all those who see it. The distinctiveness of NASAANI designs create a confidence that begs to be noticed.

The NASAANI collection is for those who crave unique fashion. However, for those who want something that no one else has, NASAANI creates one-of-a-kind pieces.

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