Patrizia DiFronzo



Patrizia DiFronzo is an up-and-coming designer here in Chicago. She received a degree in Fashion Design from Columbia College Chicago. During her college career, Patrizia showcased her clothing in various fashion shows.

In her second year she began to build her clientele by designing and making prom and other special event ensembles. Upon graduation, Patrizia packed her bags and traveled to Italy in hopes of gaining additional skills and inspiration. Patrizia's trip to Italy brought her experiences such as fashion shows, fabric shows, work experiences at a boutique and first-hand insight from a seamstress.

After six months Patrizia was ready to come home and start her career in Chicago. "This is where my passion for fashion began and this is where it will continue to grow". With confidence and motivation Patrizia knows she can contribute to Chicago and its fashion arena. Patrizia DiFronzo's design concept behind every collection is to place importance on maintaining a sophisticated look with a sex appeal. She also places emphasis on detail, quality fabrics and color