TaylorCheng Ltd. - Wai Yee Cheng


Wai Yee Cheng found TaylorCheng LTD in 2003 after deciding to put his domestic and international business experience to work in the entreprenuerial quest to develop the TaylorCheng brand. Since than TaylorCheng LTD designs and manufactures trendy women clothing interveaving traditional Chinese elements with 21 st century style for today’s modern woman.

TaylorCheng offers two lines: a pure Chinese silk line and a mixed fabrics line. With traditional Chinese silk, high thread counts and detailed embroidery, our silk line conveys a sense of luxury and a distinctive fusion style. Their mixed fabrics line takes formal Chinese icons and places them in comfortable knit shirts, linen dresses and many other items. Combining fashion from the East and West, TaylorCheng puts a unique twist on all products and brings you a new generation of Chinese silks and trendy casual wear with Western cuts and style.

In addition to style and uniqueness, TaylorCheng also emphasizes its comfort and versatility for daily life. Utilizing the best materials available, skilled tailoring with an average 15 to 20 years of custom design experience, Chinese and Western designers, and boundless creativity, TaylorCheng strives to bring you superb comfort and style.

“Born to be a shop-acholic, I identity with women who appreciates classic clothing with a unique twist. And that is the style that TaylorCheng strives to work for. My experience includes working in financial services firm in Hong Kong and Chicago . I received a B.A. from The University of Chicago and am currently a member of the Chicago Fashion Foundation.”