Lara Miller


A graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, designer Lara Miller began her career in fashion while still in school. After interning with the local designers Laurenceleste and Cynthia Ashby, Lara began showcasing her garments at Wicker Park’s clothing boutique, p.45.

In 2002, Miller was chosen as p.45’s Exhibiting Artist, to run in conjunction with the Around the Coyote Arts Festival. The show was followed by local publications. Since then, the company, Lara Miller, has grown quickly. The Lara Miller collections are now carried in 17 retail stores in the U.S.

Lara Miller’s quest is to keep fashion fun by creating sophisticated clothing that allows women to feel comfortable at work or at play. Lara designed the trademark FLIP® Line that allows you to enjoy wearing a garment in a variety of ways and project your own style to the world. You may “flip” a breezy halter dress into a stylish skirt or wrapped knits into fluent body accessories