LaVaNd - Mandana Javaheri & Ramin Farjad


An enticing vision. A captivating collection. A blend of creativity and outstanding quality. For the confident, alluring, fashion-conscious woman. Made from material to inspire the senses. Founded in San Francisco in 2004, LaVaNd clothing reflects the energy of the “city by the bay,” where its idea was born. San Francisco embodies the spirit of the freedom of being, of the excitement of diversity, of the influences of its magnificent style, all of which express the soul of LaVaNd.

LaVaNd is committed to providing cutting-edge designs, standing out by creating attractive unique styles while using plain fabrics at excellent quality. From evening dresses, to separates that can take one from day to evening, it’s all there in one collection. LaVaNd continuously endeavors to exceed the expectations of its customers and uphold its reputation for unparalleled styles by broadening its knowledge, experience and reach. LaVaNd combines provocative styles with elegance in its collection, with the goal to turn the often frustrating shopping experience into a seamless pleasure, so its customers searching for the elegant provocative look end their search in LaVaNd.

The founders’ high tech background brings an interesting element to the world of fashion. First merging these two worlds has resulted in an extraordinary collection consisting of geometrical patterns that combine edgy and sexy; a departure from the usual perception of high tech as lacking excitement.

While the sale of fine women’s apparel is the primary focus of the company, LaVaNd cares about its society. It’s driven by the passion to provide exposure and funding support for Breast Cancer. The Company will allocate a percentage of its profits to Breast Cancer research and will also sponsor events and activities to draw attention on this critically important issue of women.

Bios of the Designers

Mandana Javaheri is a citizen of the world, having traveled the globe extensively; the winds of destiny brought her to San Francisco where she decided to settle. Mandana holds a degree in Engineering, and an MBA, with an emphasis in fashion design. Art has always been an inseparable part of her life from the beginning, and Mandana’s passion for art has given her special talents as a pianist and painter. Fashion has been Mandana’s lifelong desire. An extremely stylish person herself, she always had a difficult time finding clothing that fulfilled her sense of fashion, and in speaking with friends, she found a similar frustration. She originally started by designing clothes for herself, suitable to her taste. Her designs quickly became the center of attention at most gatherings she attended, and she was kept busy fielding questions about what she was wearing and who the designer was. That was when the idea for LaVaNd was born.

Ramin Farjad is a PhD in Engineering design from Stanford University. Having founded and worked with a number of companies in the past, Ramin is a born entrepreneur who is constantly in search of exciting and worthwhile ventures. Given his special passion and taste for fashion and design as Mandana, he approached the idea for LaVaNd with great enthusiasm. Ramin founded LaVaNd in 2004 with Mandana, and uses his honed skills to turning this venture into an unqualified success. He also applies his ideas for modern and progressive designs in creation of LaVaNd’s collection.