Shops Directory Listing
Includes logo, short description, physical address, phone number and link to business web site. Only Chicago based business that pass our criteria will be accepted. Chicago Fashion Magazine keep all rights to edit or delete your link and its contents in any time.
Cost: $99 per year

Gift of the Month
One Month one product $499.00
Two Months and more $399.00 per month

Banner Ad

Ad that links to your web site. Ads can be established in monthly or quarterly increments and may appear on the front page or throughout a specified Directory (i.e., News, Press, Designers, Events, Shops, Forum etc.). Includes free Shops Directory Listing for one year. Additional charges may apply for banner production/design. Ads can be Flash, GIF Animated, JPG Photo Ads.

125 x 125 pixels Banner ads cost:
Front Page - $999 Monthly (ad size 125x125 pixels)
Front Page - $2098 Quarterly (ad size 125x125 pixels)
Directory - $599 Monthly (ad size 125x125 pixels)
Directory - $1258 Quarterly (ad size 125x125 pixels)
For Animated ads add 25%.

300 x 300 pixels Banner ads cost:
Front Page - $1899 Monthly (ad size 300x300 pixels)
Front Page - $3798 Quarterly (ad size 300x300 pixels)
Directory - $1098 Monthly (ad size 300x300 pixels)
Directory - $2516 Quarterly (ad size 300x300 pixels)
For Animated ads add 25%.

Larger and different size banner ads are available per request.

Monthly Email Newsletter to thousands of CFM Readers
Personal Shopper Section is located on a bottom of the newsletter and is featuring special offers exclusively to CFM readers. It includes 125 x 125 pixels photo banner directly linked to your website, 3 lines of text describing an offer, company address, phone number and website. Direct link to the printable coupon optional.
$1999 per mailing

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Advertising rates are subject to change without notice.